Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair Vs Wheelchair Lift

Electric stair climbing wheelchair

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Stair Climbing Chair Z90 can easily climb stairs and go down stairs very smoothly. Revolving handles option can turn the wheels to go in both positions, from downstairs to upstairs or backward. Its a motorized wheelchair but a person is needed to help the wheelchair to climb stairs. Different sizes of Wheelchair ramps can be seen here.

Many out their kept searching for Wheelchair lifts, that is another option to place a lift on you stair case. But you are limited to use it on same stairs only. This stair climbing transport wheelchair gives your partner a freedom to go on any stairs step area.

power stair climbing wheelchair

climbing chair in folding position

person sitting on climbing wheelchair

pulling stair chair

Stair Climbing Chair Z90

Motor power250W
Max Bearing Weight100 kg
Speed5-15 stairs/Min
Net weight45 kg
Folding wheelchairCan be folded and placed in trunk
BatteryLithium, 24V, 12AH