Electric Mini Wheel Bar - Portable Scooter

Electric Mini Wheel scooter

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Mini Wheel Bar XA20 is a lightweight portable scooter that can easily be picked anywhere. This electric wheel bar is useful for those who are not use to walk too much, even those who have joints or muscle issues. Many of you must have seen younger guys at sea side moving on this device for fun. We can even arrange another model in big size with brush motor in 'Urban style'.

This mini wheel bar was mainly designed for normal persons, who feel lazy to walk for long. Pedal height in this model is 23cm. Lightweight electric wheelchair can be seen here.

Mini wheel scooty

Airwheel in Saudi Arabia

Electric mini wheel scooter

Portable mini wheel scooter

Mini Wheel Bar XA20

Range per charge30km
Weight capacity90 kg
Max Speed16 km/hour
Gross weight22 kg
Turning radius0m
MotorBrushless DC motor imported
Adjustable height95 - 120cm
Charging time5 - 6 hours
Delivery time30 days